Combating Asthma

The Most Chronic Disease in Children

Every year, around 300,000 deaths are attributed to asthma, worldwide. Statistically speaking, that is not a substantial percentage of the world population. So what's the catch? Every one of these deaths is avoidable . Asthma is the number one chronic disease in children. Among children ages 5-17, it is the top reason for missed school days. As a result, asthma costs the United States, alone, more than $81.9 billion dollars each year.

There are two huge problems when dealing with asthma: improper administration of medication and irresponsibility of children. Often times, when children are first learning how to use their inhaler, they are unable to do it correctly. Clinicians have no idea if the child is performing the task properly, and therefore have no way to make sure they can take their medication correctly. Unfortunately, this improper administration leads to two things: increased morbidity and wasted medication. As a result, the children must refill their perscriptions and visit the clinic more often. Furthermore, children are not always responsible enough to manage their own medication. If they fail to take their medication at the prescribed time, they will have an asthma attack. This leads to more visits to the clinic.

Our Mission

Provide a device that can monitor the amount of medication in the lungs of someone with asthma.

We are on a mission to reduce the 300,000 yearly death statistic. Our aim is to provide the asthmatic community with a way to measure the compliance of their asthma medication up to days after initial administration. We want to transform care of children and adults with asthma by providing a portable integrated device that monitors lung health accessible to medical providers and patients. With this measurement, clinicians will be able to treat their patients more effectively and parents will be able to monitor their child's perscription closely. Click the button below to learn more about our technology.