The device Expira propses is unique from the competitors as it can track and store data in real time while showing the medication compliance all in one device. Biotech companies like Masimo, Vyaire, Niox, can not provide both functions simultaneously. Expira's proposed device offers far more functionality for a cost lower than the competitor's asking price.

HFA Detection

Expira's device is unique as it provides a way to quantify the amount of HFA in the lungs. No other Biotech company offers a device to do so. Doctors and clinicians need a device like this as it helps them better asses the patients situation. This way they can diagnose the corresponding amount of medication needed based on the medication compliance numbers from the patient. Parents of young children and infants can also use this device to affirm that the amount of medication they inhaled is sufficient enough to prevent them from having any difficulty while breathing.

The Business Plan

We have an advantageous position in this market, as there are not many competitors in this space. Furthermore, our easy to use, affordable handheld device will allow for quick adoption into the market. After competition of clinical trials, FDA clearance, and early manufacturing of our device, our go-to-market-strategy will be to partner with clinics, hospitals, and physicians associated with UC Irvine as adoption will be simpler coming from within. After getting these early adopters on board, we will work with Group Purchasing Organizations and hire a sales force to begin selling our devices to practices, hospitals, and clinics. Within a few years after this roll out, we see our device being at the point of care and in the hands of the patients themselves. A straight to consumer approach will be used at this instant, similar to blood glucose monitors, whereby the patient will have the ability to monitor their drug adherence and compliance.